Bullets, Florida and wafflesthere's no way this story can end well.

Aalaya Walker, 18, was visiting Javarski "JJ" Sandy earlier in the week, when she suddenly had the urge to prepare waffles. When she began preheating the oven, an extremely random explosion occurred and she was struck by bullets. 

For inexplicable reasons, the 25-year-old Sandy was storing the high-capacity magazine for his.45-caliber Glock 21 in the oven, which is obviously the safest place for bullets. Walker took two bullet fragments to her chest and leg, but was still able to jump on a bus and travel to the hospital.

According to the police report, Sandy told officers that his oven didn't have a temperature gauge, so he guesses "based on how far the knob is turned." He managed to escape charges because he has a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Still, friends don't let friends make waffles when there are bullets in the oven.

[via Gawker]