For individuals who are color blind (because of missing color-sensing pigments in the eyes' nerve cells) a single or mix of red, green and blue-yellow hues are muted or hard to differentiate. The most severe form of color blindness called achromatopsia causes a complete lack of color, so individuals see shades of gray.

A simple pair of $300 filtered glasses can fix color deficiencies to restore the natural balance of things. Theoretical neurobiologists Mark Changizi and his partner Tim Barber developed the glasses while working on a project about the evolution of human vision. The researchers hypothesized that human vision has improved, so we could better spot the subtle color changes in our faces and on our bodies associated with human emotions -- blushing when embarrassed or turning purple when angry, for example.

The researchers developed filtered glasses to enhance the colors of our veins, making it easier to see a change in oxygen levels in the blood and concentrations of blood. The lens, called the O2Amp, "adjusts the color signal that hits the human eye." Therefore, boosting the sight of doctors and health care workers to spot a flush, bruising or blanching.

While the two researchers were testing the glasses made with the lens last fall, test subjects were telling them that they could see vibrant colors that were dull without the filters. After finding a suitable manufacturer, the O2Amps glasses are now available on Amazon for $300 from 2AI Labs.

[via PopSci]