When running drugs back and forth between states, all it takes is one mistake to get you caught up in the game. This is precisely what landed Rasoul Speights and Gary Sylak behind bars. Speights, 32, and Sylak, 26, were pulled over as part of a routine traffic stop near Alpine, NJ

After detecting the scent of marijuana, officers asked if they could search the vehicle. They didn't find anything, but a quick background check produced outstanding warrants for both men. During a cavity search back at police headquarters, officers found 100 bags of heroin stuffed inside of Speight's anus

That's a "new record," let The Smoking Gun tell it.

Heroin residue was also found inside of a syringe and on a spoon that was hidden in Sylak's jacket. According to police, both men were headed to their native New York, where 100 bags of heroin is reportedly worth $2,000 upstate. 

Speights and Sylak were hit with numerous charges, such as possession of heroin with intent to sell and tampering with evidence.

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