Canadian retailer Future Shop may have just leaked the very first special edition Wii U console bundle, and it's a big one.

The retailer listed the bundle online with an image and item description that together reveal its contents: the black 32GB deluxe edition Wii U console, ZombiU and Nintendo Land, the Wii U pro controller, the GamePad (duh), and a ZombiU art book, all for $399.

Look at it this way: at launch, the Wii U deluxe edition console was $350, so for $50 you'll get $110 worth of stuff (ZombiU is a $60 value while the pro controller itself is $50). Just don't assume that you can use the pro controller for ZombiU single player—it's only for the multiplayer mode, though it proves invaluable there.

Also: this has not yet been confirmed or announced by Nintendo. The listing looks official, but still.

Update: Best Buy Canada has a listing as well.

[via neoGAF]