There is no doubt Kenny Burns is successful. But he hasn't lost his perspective on how he has arrived at such a fortunate place. He discussed this clarity of purpose, and many other aspects of his life, when he sat down with Complex recently for an intimate interview. "Defining success for myself came from other people's dreams and other people's sacrifices," Kenny told us, "and now I have a blueprint to share."

Kenny cites his uncle, who is a General in the Marine Corps, as the source for a lot of his inspiration. The discipline he witnessed his uncle exhibiting at all times left a lasting impression on him—in how he does business, how he treats people, and how he gives back to the community. That dedication has made Kenny into the successful entertainer, businessman, and family man that he is today—a person who expects the most from himself and others. "I truly believe in never settling for second best," Kenny says. "We have one life. You have to go for the dream. You can't depend on status quo to define who you are."

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