Play It Again, Sam

One of the really neat features about Killzone: Mercenary is that it offers players the means to control how they want to play through a given mission. This is made possible through custom weapon loadouts, multiple paths through the levels, and – most prominently – through the introduction of contract modes that add additional parameters to the gameplay. This means that before starting a given level, players can choose whether they’d like to play guns-blazing, stealthy, or a hybrid of the two with additional bankroll bonuses given for playing in the style.

The problem is that the choice of contract type only comes after you’ve completed a level on the basic (far less exciting) normal mode. This means that if you want to play through the game in the shadows and experience the thrill of figuring out the best hiding spots on the map as you go, you won’t get to because by the time you’ve unlocked the ability to maximize your stealth experience, you’ve already seen the level’s content.