Women can't even practice yoga in the city anymore without the threat of someone's uncontrollable lust. A woman is suing the Upper West Side's Equinox Pure Yoga West's parent company, Related Companies, after her meditation session was interrupted by a maintenance man's masturbation session.

55-year-old Keiko Herskovitz was in the Shavasana pose after a class on Jan. 26 when she opened her eyes to discover a Pure Yoga maintenance man masturbating about two feet away from her. Herskovitz says she asked the 19-year-old man what he was doing, prompting him to cover himself with a blanket and flee. 

Herskovitz informed the manager, who said that the maintenance man was a "good employee." but promised to investigate the matter. However, Pure Yoga never notified the police. Herskovitz did, and the New York Daily News says that Pure Yoga is cooperating with the investigation. Herskovitz says the incident is still being investigated, but authorities reportedly claim that there is no evidence to support her allegations.

[via Gothamist]