With Blizzard Nemo poised to blanket the northeast with snow, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has issued a "Severe Weather Advisory." Bloomberg's warning goes as follows:

"At the direction of the Mayor, the public is hereby advised that significant snowfall has been forecast starting tomorrow afternoon through Saturday morning. The public is urged to avoid all unnecessary driving during the duration of the storm and, until further directed, to use public transportation wherever possible."

Bloomberg also mentioned that commuting could become problematic today, so he urged drivers to use "extreme caution" if they are forced to get behind the wheel. Here's more from his advisory:

The MTA has advised of potential service disruptions, and information about any service changes to public transportation is available on the MTA website at http://www.mta.info/.

Any vehicle found to be blocking roadways or impeding the ability to plow streets shall be subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

Alternate side parking is suspended citywide through Sunday. Due to anticipated high winds the Staten Island Ferry will be operating on a modified schedule beginning tomorrow afternoon.

The Emergency Management, Fire, Police, Sanitation, and Transportation Commissioners will be taking all appropriate and necessary steps to preserve public safety and to render all required and available assistance to protect the security, well-being and health of the residents of the City.

City government and public schools are open tomorrow. Afterschool programs are subject to cancellation.

Due to potential power outages and transportation difficulties, New Yorkers are advised to stock up on potential supplies, including medicine.

The Mayor's office says the city is prepared for Nemo, as they have over 250,000 tons of salt, 350 salt spreaders and some 1,800 Sanitation trucks ready to be mounted  with plows.

[via Gothamist]