Yesterday morning, a man was seen chasing his wife with a meat cleaver, right in front of firefighters. To some, this is just a normal Sunday morning in Manhattan. Members of the FDNY say that the incident occurred in front of 74 Canal Street around 10:30 a.m.

Two firefighters reported seeing the couple arguing before the man brandished the cleaver. In an interview with the New York Post, an FDNY spokesman said “He got a couple of good hits in...He hit her several times.”

18-year FDNY veteran Jose Ortiz says he saw the 28-year-old man drag his wife across the street. “He was not a big guy, only about 5-foot-5, but the cleaver made him a little taller,” he added. With the help of Shane Clarke and Jim Trainor, Ortiz was able to tackle the man. 

Ming Guang Huang was arrested and has been charged with attempted murder. His 23-year-old wife fled, but authorities eventually tracked her down and took her to Bellevue Hospital to treat lacerations to her hip, face and back. Below is footage of the attack.

[via Gothamist]