Technology enthusiasts can't stop talking about the Mailbox app designed to banish time-consuming email clutter forever. Many Mailbox enthusiasts are rushing to download the app, available in the Apple App Store this week, but not for immediate use. The revolutionary free email app is being rolled out to users on a first-come, first-serve.

Simply click "Get the App" to get on the exclusive list. Within the app, you'll see how many people are in front of you to receive the app first and how many people are behind you in real time. These numbers will change depending on the number of reservations filled.

The Mailbox app is officially pegged the "mobile-first email experience for iPhone + Gmail." Tech-savvy sources are saying the gesture-powered app is worth the wait. The app makes over email, so that it makes sense to the smartphone generation. To archive or delete an email, simply slide right. To save emails for later, swipe left to schedule a kick-back. There are also ways to "snooze" email until a later time. Users will also be able to prioritize messages simply by sliding an email up or down their inbox. We're especially excited about the chat-like stream, meaning a rapidly quicker response process.

[via Uncrate]