For ten minutes on Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin discussed Google Glass, reports Forbes' Ryan Mac. 

The meeting at the University of California, San Francisco’s Mission Bay medical campus was "undoubtedly informal," but Zuckerberg made it clear he wants to integrate his company into Google's highly futuristic device. 

“I can’t wait to get my own,” Zuckerberg said as Brin adjusted his pair on the Facebook CEO's head. 

As Mac explains, the spectacles' ability to showcase anything from traffic maps ... to appointments and personal notes" probably makes it ideal in Zuckerberg's mind for being shared across the social network. However, Zuckerberg doesn't have a clear vision just yet for how the two companies might work together. 

After posing several questions to Brin about Glass' functionality—“You know, how are you supposed to use these this without breaking eye contact?”—Zuckerberg asked, “Is there anything specific you want us to be trying? If so, I want to be doing that.”

Brin simply smiled and said, "I'm not a social media expert," to which Zuckerberg flashed a grin and replied, "I'm not a Glass expert." 

[via Forbes]