Earlier this week, police in Las Vegas were stunned when they arrived at the home of a 23-year-old woman and found her in the backyard engaged in a sex act with a pit bull. In broad daylight. 

After responding to a call from neighbors about a woman having sex with a dog, police found Kara Vandereyk completely naked, engaged in "an unspecified sexual act" with the animal. A police report states that Vandereyk was totally cool with the presence of police officers, greeting them with a friendly "hi" while proceeding to grope the dog. Officers say she also appeared to be on drugs.

She was covered with a blanket and officers asked her if she could identify herself or the president. She couldn't. She allegedly told police that she was "bipolar" and was on "prescription medication" at the time. Animal control removed the animal, and Vandereyk was arrested and charged with open or gross lewdness. 

We hope the next stop for her is rehab.

[via Gawker]