Cult sitcom Community's ratings have hit an all-time low in the beginning of its fourth season, prompting critics and viewers to wonder if this is the end. Showrunner Dan Harmon has already left—he also says all TV is "garbage"—and Chevy Chase will be written out soon because everybody hates him

Now, Ken Jeong has been cast in the ABC comedy Spy, a remake of a UK show that stars Rob Corddry. The casting is "second to Community, of course," but it can't be good news for the show if one of its cast members feels its time to get another job.

NBC itself is struggling, but it nurtured 30 Rock for a full seven years, so maybe it'll give Community more chances. Or maybe it'll go the Arrested Development route and run on Netflix. However, critics have been saying the show isn't what it once was without Harmon—is it even worth saving? They do have an Oscar winner in their midst.

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[via Deadline]