Rom-com queen and Grey's Anatomy alum Katherine Heigl has just joined the cast of A Moment to Remember. Ben Lewin, director of the Oscar-nominated The Sessions, is at the helm of a story about a fashion designer (Heigl) who loses her memory from some sort of tragic disease. 

Hmm, sounds a bit like The Vow, no? But in fact, the film is adpated from a Korean movie based on a Japanese TV show. Most notably, though, Heigl doesn't have to play the sad sack single girl for once. She's married! Yeah, yeah, her husband will have to desperately make her remember their love. At least she won't have to try speed dating. Can Judy Greer still be her sassy best friend though? Seriously.

Don't worry though—Heigl hasn't changed her tune completely. She stars next in The Big Wedding alongside Robert de Niro, Diane Keaton, Robin Williams, and Topher Grace, out April 26. 

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[via THR]