Looks like Jimmy Kimmel plans on making a tradition out of producing hilarious skits for his late night talk show's post-Oscar broadcast. This is excellent news, as last year's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! definitely didn't disappoint - the show ran a Tom Hanks-starring Toddlers and Tiara's spoof, as well as an extended trailer for a fake film called Movie: The Movie featuring Hanks, Meryl Streep, George Clooney, Martin Scorsese, and Helen Mirren. It was so popular that it ended up going viral, and was shown on over 5,000 movie screens worldwide.

This year, as can be expected, details are being kept under wraps - but thanks to ABC, we do have a little preview of what to expect. Apparently, Live! will carry on with the epic Movie: The Movie series, this time with Movie: The Movie 2V, which features appearances by Jessica ChastainJude LawAmanda Seyfried, Bruno Mars, Rachel Weiszand Bradley Cooper - and, of course, Kimmel himself.

You can check out the preview above.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]