Joshua Miner and Alisa Massaro have been accused of murdering two men in Joliet, IL last month. Because murder wasn't enough to satiate this demented couple, they also apparently had sex on top of the dead men's bodies. Miner, 24, and Massaro, 18, allegedly killed Terrance Rankins and Eric Glover with the help of Adam Landerman and Bethany McKee.

Miner was reportedly "inspired" by a previous girlfriend who had necrophilia fantasies: 

Miner [asked] girlfriend Alisa Massaro to have sex with him on the corpses of two men he's accused of helping to kill, police said.

Massaro "made a smirk on her face" and said she didn't want to, according to the reports, but when being questioned by police, she "later acknowledged she and Josh did have sexual intercourse on top of the bodies.

The four suspected killers were found at Massaro's home, the same place that they allegedly killed Rankins and Glover. They were playing video games at the time. Still, the story gets darker: 

"McKee related that during the night that Josh wanted to put the bodies together, which they did, side by side and they put something over the bodies, which was beige in color and they were going to have sex on top of the bodies," a report said. "McKee relates that she did not stick around for that ..."

McKee also told police Landerman may have been involved, too.

"McKee did relate that she thought Adam and Alisa had sex because they were talking about having a three-way on top of the bodies that were laying on the floor," a report stated.

[via Gawker]