On Thursday, a Harlem teenager was arrested for opening fire on another teen. According to police, 13-year-old Elmo Williams shot at a 14-year-old boy outside of the Jefferson Houses on Thursday afternoon. A 9mm Interarms Star handgun was taken from him as he was arrested.

The New York Post described Williams as "nerdy," and says he shot at the other boy in retaliation for a prior fight. His target, who remains unidentified, is reportedly a member of the "10-40" gang. An anonymous source says that "they were two rival gangs," and that Williams "decided to shoot" the older boy after their fight.

Shocked neighbors say that Williams is "fairly introverted." Williams was immediately taken to a juvenile detention center. He is expected to be charged with attempted murder and attempted assault next week. He claims to have just found the gun.

[via Gothamist]