George Bush has kept a fairly low profile since leaving the White House four years ago, but apparently one hacker has another side to the story. 

Going under the moniker Guccifer (Gucci + Lucifer), the hacker provided a vast collection of private emails and photos to The Smoking Gun, some of which were personal (security codes and letters concerning George H.W. Bush's declining health), and some of which were flat-out bizarre. Namely, Bush junior's baffling portraits of himself in the bathroom, which he actually emailed to his sister Dorothy. 

One image depicts the former president sitting in the tub, while another shows him standing in the shower, looking hard into a mounted mirror. 

Though panned by some as rifling through an old man's trash, Guccifer feels no remorse for his daring hack. "I have an old game with the f-cking bastards inside," he told The Smoking Gun, adding that he's been under federal investigation for years. "This is just another chapter in the game."

[via The Smoking Gun]