Need more reason to wish you had a DeLorean to transport you to March 31st at 9 PM? Don't worry, Game of Thrones isn't done releasing teasers to fuel everyone's excitement for the third season. The newest marketing endeavor? Days after premiering a new full-length trailer for the new episodes, the series and HBO bought out a whole full-spread ad in today's edition of the New York Times - and it's just as, if not more, badass than the preview.

Featuring creative "news stories" all relating to the show's universe in some form, the ad looks like a legit part of the rest of the paper until you get down to reading the stories, which are meticulously constructed to read like real articles. On top of all that - like, literally on top of it - there's the faintest outline of a dragon's shadow. Because this show is so awesome that it features dragons

Check out some images of the full ad above. 

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