bulldog was going to be put to sleep after a Tennessee owner returned the pet for being gay. A Facebook campaign, however,  was able to put a stop to that. The campaign, which was started by Facebook user Jackson TN Euthanasia, read: 

"He hunched over another male dog so his owner threw him away bc he refuses to have a ‘gay’ dog! Even if that weren't the most assinine [sic] thing I've ever heard, its still discrimination! Don't let this gorgeous dog die bc his owner is ignorant of normal dog behavior!"

The dog's photo (pictured above) circulated along with Jackson's plea, which was shared over 4,300 times and received over 1,300 comments a day before his scheduled execution. According to animal rights organization, Saving the Animals Together (S.T.A.T.), the dog found a new home late last week. 

[via Daily Dot]