NBC has announced that Ellie Kemper will be starring in a pilot called Brenda Forever. She has been on the network since she joined the cast of The Office in 2009.

Kemper also played a naive newlywed in Kristen Wiig's magnum opus Bridesmaids who went to Disneyland on her honeymoon. Her guest-starring spot on The Mindy Project showed another (crazy) side of her as the real girlfriend of Mindy Kaling's cheating boyfriend. Basically, it was only a matter of time before she got her own show. 

The network says Brenda Forever will "give a unique portrait of how a chubby, awkward, but incredibly confident 13-year-old grew up to be a 31-year-old woman who still marches to the beat of her own drum." Kemper is great at infusing silliness with heart—Erin on The Office could come off as cartoonish, but Kemper's earnest portrayal of her childhood spent in foster homes gave the character depth.

Unfortunately, shooting a pilot doesn't guarantee the series will get picked up or that the episode will even air, it's possible we'll never even see Brenda Forever. But we aren't going to think about that!

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[via EW]