Men and women speak differently, and so it follows they tweet differently, too. Right? That's according to BuzzFeed who cited a recent study of 9,212,118 tweets from more than 14,464 users, which proved you can actually predict a user's gender based on linguistics and the sex of whomever they interact with most. 

We plucked out a few highlights from the study to test if you "tweet like a girl," or just happen to like saying no. Answer yes to more than one, and you're clearly a lady: 

Do you use punctuation? 
Per the researchers, repeated exclamation points and puzzled punctuation (?!) are clearly a sign you're a woman. 

Express how you feel?
Feelings? Womanly. Even more womanly: spelling them out. Researchers said they found hmmm, ugh, and grr more commonly used among women. They also liked expressive lengthening for words like coooool and yessss. 

Avoid affirmations? 
"Yeah" and "yea" are the domain of manly men. But no still means no. 

Cuss like a sailor? 
Women laid off the cussing whereas men couldn't get enough of it, say the researchers. Too bad, swearing sounds like great fun.  

[via BuzzFeed]