Though Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said a couple of days ago that the new season of Arrested Development would be a "a fantastic one-off" and "a non-repeatable amazing" - meaning no new episodes after season four - series star David Cross tells The Hollywood Reporter that no plans for after season four are actually set in stone yet. 

"Nothing at all," Cross divulged to the site, before continuing that the fourth season definitely leaves the door open for either a follow-up season or feature film to wrap up the characters' stories. "It’s not a serialized show that has an arc and an end to it, so it’s wide open," he said. "I think we all assumed back then that it was just for one short season of, I believe, 10 episodes, which got expanded [to 14]. But there was never ever any talk or promise of doing an extra season beyond what we were doing. In fact, the initial idea was that we do this season, and then it would lead up to what would be its own one-off movie that would be a conclusion to the stories being told in this, for lack of a better word, season."

As for what seems likely for the future of the series, Cross continued that getting the cast together seems to be the biggest issue plaguing any possibilities. "There is a truly under-appreciated, extreme difficulty with getting this cast together," he said. "And if people have their own commitments that are first position -- several people do -- getting them all in LA and then getting them to work on this thing for what was, essentially, four months, is really difficult. So that’s a very big hurdle that needs to get taken care of."

So, basically, we know nothing about the future for the show - but as for the upcoming fourth season, Cross does have more promising things to say:

I think when it’s over, [fans are] gonna be aching. Particularly, this last, fourth season, what [creator Mitch Hurwitz] did and how he’s able to tell the story through the Netflix model -- I think it’s going to redefine what television can be and stories can be and how they’re presented. And I really think it’s gonna be historical in a sense; that we’re gonna look back on it in 10, 20, 30 years, and it will be a very important thing that Mitch and Netflix have done."

The new episodes will begin streaming on Netflix in May.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]