How many times have you screamed "hadouken" like Street Fighter's Ken or Ryu while miming fireballs from your palms? What about all the times you've been itching to yell "get over here" like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. There's no doubt that video game sound effects have played a major role in popular culture with some classic sounds living on for decades.

There is something about fighting game sounds that are extra special though. They get us hyped, make us laugh and add a metaphorical exclamation point to any activity from the super awesome to the most mundane.

We've made expressing yourself with fighting game sound effects a lot easier with these actual sounds from the video games we never tire of. Guile of Street Fighter's "sonic boom", Mortal Kombat's "Fatality" and even the nostalgic "body blow" from Punch Out!! rounds out Complex's Ass-Kicking Fighting Video Game Soundboard.


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