A Brooklyn-based architecture company called STUDIOKCA is hoping to raise enough funds on Kickstarter to cover material costs for a cloud-shaped pavilion out of thousands of plastic bottles and gallon jugs.

The structure pre-named The Head in the Clouds Pavilion will be made out aluminum, wood and 58,780 plastic bottles -- the estimated number of containers New Yorkers throw out in just one hour throughout the city. The undulating structure will consist of "pillows," or huge bundles of the one-gallon containers, and an interior wall of water bottles filled with blue organic food coloring. Inside the pavillion there will be seating, a stage and plenty of room to stand and gaze at the patterns created by the light passing through.

The architects have already collected the bulk of the plastic needed for the pavilion, but still need approximately 12,000 small bottles and 10,000 large jugs. If the $9,000 goal is reached, the designers foresee the structure will be built piecemeal and ready for transport to the island at the end of May. So far, $5,300 has been raised with 51 days left on the crowdsourcing platform.

[via Kickstarter]