24-year-old Santos Barrillo took adventures in babysitting to a new low on Friday night. Barrillo was arrested for leaving his 2-year-old daughter in his truck to get hammered at Club 7557 in Van Nuys, CA. Police were tipped off to the actions of the best father ever after a passerby reported seeing a drunk man doubled over the wheel of a truck with a child in the backseat.

Police found Barrillo and his daughter shivering inside of the truck just after midnight. After interviewing subjects in the area, police learned that the man spent the evening living it up at the bar while his little girl waited inside of a truck that was just 45 degrees on the interior.

The girl was taken by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, then handed over to her mother. Her mother also happens to be Barrillo's fiancée. Barrillo presumably spent the weekend in the  Dog House.

[via LAist]