Despite an inability to slow the city's murder rate and cries from its black alderman to find a replacement, Chicago Mayor Rahmn Emanuel has endorsed Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, giving him "100 percent support." 

At the same time, Emanuel also shared his "impatience" with the amount of time it's taken to address Chicago's homicide rate.

Emanuel chose to back McCarthy after Ald. Howard Brookins pointed to the figurative hourglass that represents McCarthy's remaining time as top cop in Chicago:

“We’re getting push-back from our constituents. They’re wondering what the hell their elected representatives are doing to combat all this violence. We’re not gonna wear the jacket for the actions or inactions of” the superintendent.


“If there were 42 murders in January when it’s cold outside, what happens in June or July when the weather is warmer and there are more people on the street?” the alderman said.

Along with Brookins, several of Chicago's black alderman have been critical of McCarthy's tactics for dealing with gang violence, as well as the response to homicides. McCarthy has maintained that his strategies have been effective and are actually reducing violent crime. He adds that the media has latched on to several tragic killings in the city, making the problem seem worse than it really is.

City officials can bicker among themselves all they like, but it's all meaningless until some serious steps towards addressing the murder rate are taken. As for McCarthy, he must realize that his job depends on it.

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[via Chicagoist]