William Shatner is just about the only guy we'd ever want to watch interviewing an astronaut, and yesterday that wish was fulfilled.

Shatner rang up Space Station to talk shop with Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut spending five months aboard the ISS.

The questions Shatner posed were anything but silly (Did NASA lose its way after the end of the Space Shuttle? Isn't that a fearful operation, fraught with enormous difficulty and danger?) and Hadfield, being the professional mechanical engineer and test pilot that he is, handled them all with aplomb. 

Here's our favorite response: 

"Really to accomplish anything worthwhile in life is going to take risks," he said when asked if he's really going to Mars. "And even if you decide to stay at home and stay at your kitchen table, eventually the ceiling will fall down, or there will be a hurricane or a tornado. You can't live a worthwhile life without taking risks." 

Now watch the awesome interview below: 

[via Motherboard]