February is Black History Month, which comes around each year to uninformed cries of "racism." Every year, the monthly celebration of African-American heritage is accompanied by complaints and calls for "White History Month." Right on schedule, you'll find a group of people pondering why there's no White History Month, or even suggesting there be one to offer some sort of "balance." There's a reason blacks are referred to as "minorities," after all.

Black History Month originated as "Black History Week," thanks in part to historian Carter G. Woodson, who hoped that it would eventually become obsolete when black history was recognized as American history. It was born out of a need for a group to learn about and celebrate their culture when no one else would. During the U.S. bicentennial celebration, President Gerald Ford acknowledged Black History Month as a chance to recognize the "too-often neglected accomplishments of black Americans."

Morgan Freeman has said he doesn't want a Black History Month, because black history is American history and should be woven into year-round education, but absurd campaigns for "White History Month" prove just how far away we are from that.

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Written by Julian Kimble (@JRK316)