Someone in Cleveland, OH has listed what they claim is a Google Glass headset on eBay for $15,225. As we've written before, Glass is a futuristic gadget whose "computer" sits above the right eye and responds to voice commands such as, "OK Glass, let's make a movie of my skydive." It also enables users to stay online 24/7 and for this reason alone, Mark Zuckerberg is rumored to be developing plans to link the device with Facebook. 

According to Quartz's Christopher Mims, who first spotted the listing, the developers to whom Google promised its first versions of Glass have yet to receive their models, so the one on eBay is "probably fake." The high price tag does speak to the public's interest in the product, however, given that Google plans to list Glass for $1,500

UPDATE: The Google Glass listing is no longer on eBay.  

[via Quartz]