Columbia bar 1020 was busted by a State Liquor Authority sting operation thanks to a deceptively older-looking 19-year-old on Thursday. Using a young man who is described as "6-foot-6" and with a beard that makes him look like he's "in his 30s," police were able to catch the bar for serving liquor to an underage customer. 

1020 was slapped with a $1,500 fine, but one of their bartenders says they will fight the charges because of how "big" and "intimidating" the kid appeared. "He looked like he was thirty-five," said Tim, the brutally honest bartender.

Gothamist notes that 1020 was part of a similar sting in 2009, and that underage students were caught using bogus IDs there just two years ago.

[via Gothamist]