The Rihanna scam circulating on Facebook is nothing to LOL at. 

Showing a picture of the singer cuddling in bed with Chris Brown, the scam includes a link to an alleged sex tape along with the description, "I lost all respect for her after watching this." If you follow the link (which you shouldn't), you'll be directed to an Italian Yahoo page, reports The Daily Dot citing Naked Security

Scams like this are common—remember the Taylor Swift-Harry Styles gimmick earlier this month?—and typically send users to affiliate links that ask for personal information such as a name and email address, which you should never, ever give out. Once the crooks have this sensitive info. they can phish, or send scammy emails as they please that ask for money or credit card info. in return for nonexistent products or services. 

Other scammers go the more direct route, installing malware onto your computer once you click on their link. 

Whatever you do, don't fall for this hoax. And trust us, if a Rihanna sex tape existed, you would have heard about it by now. 

[via The Daily Dot]