Now that Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs biopic, jOBS, is getting its fair share of positive buzz (though reviews have been mixed), it's apparently the time where Kutcher denounces his past career decisions - mostly consisting of romcoms and stoner comedies with the occasional dramatic role thrown in here and there - to make sure that people take him seriously as an actor. Ashton, take it away:

"I know exactly what films I’ve done that fucking suck donkey," Kutcher told Esquire in a new interview to promote jOBS. "And I know the ones that are good, that people like." We hope that includes Dude, Where's My Car!

Kutcher continued: "And I know it not because of the box office, because the box office is not going to tell you the truth. I know it because I have friends that don't hold back. They don't depend on me for money or employment. They're just friends. Friends tell the truth."

Fair enough. But, where were these friends when Kutcher participated in Valentine's Day? New Year's Eve? What Happens in Vegas? Questions we need to answer.

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[via Huffington Post]