Arrested Development's fourth season will surely be a gift from the Netflix gods, but don't count on any more. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says there aren't plans for any more episodes.

"It's a fantastic one-off. Think of it as a non-repeatable amazing," he said at a tech conference in San Francisco yesterday. Star Jason Bateman teased the possibility of a movie, but creator Mitch Hurwitz said that would be too difficult with all the (mostly) now-famous actors' schedules. 

Netflix recently released its first original series, House of Cards with Kevin Spacey, which has become their most-watched content. But Hastings doesn't want you to think they're gonna go all MTV and stop doing what they meant to do.

"[Original programming] may be the center of PR for a while and that's OK, but i don't want you guys to think that suddenly we're the original content company."

The entire fourth season of Arrested Development will be streaming on Netflix in May.

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[via The Wrap]