A video featuring two young girls being forced to fight made it's way to Gothamist and other sites early this week, and arrests may be in the near future now that the mother of one of the girls has approached the police. According to NBC New York, the mother of the girl who explodes into tears went to the police after seeing the video on the news. 

According to police sources, the fight took place last month in the Bronx's Poe Park. At least one person is expected to be arrested, and NBC New York has more on the disturbing incident:

The 17-year-old sister of the girl in the white coat, who is 7, instigated the fight. The other girl in the black coat—who is seen crying and walking away at the end of the video—is 6 years old, according to investigators.

Police said the 6-year-old girl had a 12-year-old sister who was present at the fight and tried to intervene, but the older girls held her back and she could only watch. It appears the harassment of the young girl was in retaliation against the 12-year-old sister, who accidentally bumped into one of the older teens at the park a week prior to the fight, police said.

Gothamist says that the NYPD press office confirmed that they have seen the video and an investigation is underway. Below you'll find the video, but be warned—it's difficult to watch.

[via Gothamist]