Post: "The Struggle"
Date: 6/15/2012
Lyrics: Don't admit that your faith is weak/ Don't say that you feel like dying/ Life's hard then it feels like diamonds/ Your home's just far too gone/ Much too late to even feel like trying/ Can't understand what I'm saying/ Can't figure out what I'm implying/ If you feel you don't wanna be alive/ You feel just how I am"

Frequent Twitter enough and you'll come to find that the term struggle has taken on a life of its own. But in the start-up work, Horowitz has a couple ideas about what "the struggle" is including "when people ask you why don't quit and you don't know the answer." To help those that may be going through "the struggle" he outlines a six bullet points that "may or may not help," and enlists the lyrics of Chi-Town's Lupe Fiasco to remind people that they shouldn't lose hope when the walls feel like they're closing in.