Post: "Programming Your Culture"
Date: 12/18/2012
Lyrics: " I do this for my culture/ To let them know what a n@#!a look like when a ni&%!a in a Roadster/ Show them how to move in a room full of vultures/ Industry is shady, it needs to be taken over/ Label owners hate me, I'm raising the status quo up/ I'm overcharging n$%^a for what they did to the Cold Crush"

While Hov's memorable line from the Kanye-produced Blueprint single was speaking of the larger hip hop culture, Horowitz uses the bars as an in to speak about the importance of a company's culture. After running through what doesn't count as culture-yoga and dogs at work-he gives some great examples of what can create a great corporate culture. "I described the CEO job as knowing what to do and getting the company to do what you want," wrote Horowitz. "Designing a proper company culture will help you get your company to do what you want in certain important areas for a very long time." We think Jigga would agree.