As Valentine's Day earnings suggested, it was a close race at the box office for the three day weekend. Emerging victorious by only a few million was the Bruce Willis-starring A Good Day to Die Hard, good news for the aging franchise after a rough start when it was released on Tuesday. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this weekend's earnings of $25 million put the film's total domestic gross so far at $38.3 million - this, when added to the $80.1 million it's already made internationally, puts its worldwide total at a cool $113.3 million. Not bad at all - in fact, those are numbers that would possess a studio to commission yet another sequel.

Coming in second was Identity Thief. The Melissa McCarthy- Jason Bateman-starring comedy actually opened last weekend, but managed to pull ahead of new releases like Safe Haven and Beautiful Creatures to earn $23.4 million domestically this weekend. As for Safe Haven, it managed to do fairly well - it earned $21.4 million over the three day weekend, and its domestic total is expected to be around $34 million after Monday.

News wasn't so good for Beautiful Creatures, which came in sixth and was even beat by older release Warm Bodies this weekend. The supernatural teen film is expected to have earned a total of $11.6 million by the weekend's end, which is much less than what it was projected to make.

What did you see this weekend?

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]


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