Everybody needs something to get them primed for spending a Sunday playing Madden from dusk 'til dawn. In the past "Party Hard" on EA Trax sufficed. But that ship has sailed. Besides we can totally relate to this guy. Too small, not fast enough, doesn't have what it takes? Oh wait he's a future hall of famer possibly one of the top ten players of all time? Then what the hell is he talking out?

We'd like to know which scout told Ray Lewis he wasn't fast enough. Dude has been a prototype for the evolution of the linebacker that can cover sideline to sideline like someone harnessing all the power of a deer's antlers.

Ray Lewis never makes any sense to us but he could fire up Steven Wright. If you listened to his non-sensical quotes every day before work you'd be living in the Governor's mansion. And it's a great way to kickoff any Madden marathon session.