Had you been born in the late '60s Tecmo Bowl would've hit the shelves right about the time you headed off for college. It was a game hampered by technical shortcomings; for example a different stadium simply meant a different abbreviation in the end zone. That was it, that's all you had, and it was an absolute commercial success. Seriously, do yourself a favor and search that pile on YouTube or waste $5 buying it off the virtual console and then tell us how pained you are by the generic Madden commentary of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. If you watch pro football on CBS, you might find their wooden virtual personalities to be strikingly realistic.

You'd be amazed, while scouring message boards, how frequently petulant grievances become the main source of aggravation. Especially when you consider how profoundly sports games have evolved. Bottom line if announcers, QB arm strength ratings, or lack of realistic accessories on players are your biggest frustration, then you've got a pretty good life.