Director: William Friedkin
Stars: Roy Scheider, Bruno Cremer, Francisco Rabal
Budget: $21 million
Domestic Box Office Gross: $12 million

William Friedkin is, simply put, the man. From his early, Oscar-winning works (The French Connection, The Exorcist) to his recent sleeper gems Bug and Killer Joe, Friedkin has made some truly badass genre flicks. That said, he hasn't always experienced box office success. Sorcereris a prime example, even though it's an exceptional action-thriller.

Boasting a plot that has absolutely nothing to do with magic, Sorcereris a taut suspense film about four international criminals on the lam in Nicaragua who try to stop an oil well blaze. The film's most memorable scene features a truck filled faulty, nitroglycerin-covered dynamite sticks that's disastrously moving across a rickity bridge. It's bold and masterfully executed.

So why did the picture flop? Blame Star Wars, which came out just one month before Sorcerer's release and continued to eat up ticket receipts all the way through Friedkin's movie's unceremonoious debut.