Played By: Ike Barenholz

We've been rooting for The Mindy Project. Mindy Kaling has been a scene stealer on The Office since day one, and with great comic minds like Mark Duplass and B.J. Novak involved, this show will surely hit its stride. Right?

The problem lies with the main character. As Maureen Ryan put it, "It's hard not to wonder if Kaling wanted to create a female anti-hero (which is a great idea) but stopped short because broadcast networks aren't especially interested in those, especially in the comedy arena."

As regular viewers, we aren't sure how we are supposed to feel about Kaling's character, as she is neither fully friend nor frenemey, and even able comic veterans like Barenholz (who also shines on Eastbound and Down) can't fix the show's central shortcomings.