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You'll Become An Expert On: The Abuses of the US Military

Though Dilawar, an innocent Afghani taxi driver killed by US troops, is the entry point of Taxi to the Dark Side, the film goes on to explore the military culture that allowed the secretive, abusive detentions at Guantanamo Bay during the Bush administration.

It's hard to hear about the United States tacitly condoning torture; the film's breakdown of Bush-era policies is methodical and chilling. When director Alex Gibney attempts to trace responsibility for the actions of the troops up the chain of command, he's met with claims of ignorance all the way up to President Bush. This film should prepare you for arguments with arch-conservatives on the ethics of torture.

Well, if they're actually well informed you might want to read a couple books before you get into a debate, or just hope they got their opinions from watching one movie. Or, better yet, Fox News.