Director: George Dunning and Dennis Abey (Live action sequence)
Stars: Paul Angelis, John Clive, Dick Emery, Geoff Hughes, Lance Percival, Peter Batten, The Beatles

Featuring bizarre, often scary imagery set to Beatles tunes Yellow Submarine is better suited for Fab Four fans, art junkies, and acid heads than kiddos. The strange juxtaposition of classic pop songs with frightening blue meanies and watery approximations of Paul, John, George, Ringo is perhaps not the best Beatles introduction for your little ones.

The script is littered with puns and double entendres, another indication that teens and adults will find Yellow Submarine a meatier, more mind-altering experience. In fact, this film, released in 1968, before the White Album dropped, is credited with sparking an interest in animation outside the purview of Walt Disney.