Best Known For: Sixth Sense (1999), A.I. (2001)
Most Recent Project: Sassy Pants (2012)

IKEA is a great place to discover how dysfunctional your romantic relationship is. It's also a great place to find child stars. A talent scout came across Haley Joel Osment when he and his mother were walking through the furniture/home decor/Swedish meatball establishment in 1992.

HJO is best remembered for his role in The Sixth Sense, which gave us the line that every hack comedian parodied that year (and beyond): "I see dead people." As is often the case with child actors, the number of roles available to Osment fell off as he grew into adulthood.

The media tried to make a 2006 drunk driving incident fit the the classic "downward spiral" narrative, but it sounds like Osment is doing alright. He's graduated from NYU, done a short stint on Broadway, and is still acting, even if the films are smaller and more sporadic.