Regardless of what your views surrounding the gun control debate are, it's fair to say that the NRA's frequent and often uneducated ranting about violent video games aren't helping anyone in the debate. Whether violent media is what's causing violence in our society or not, the discussion is best served when all sides are rational and diplomatic with their debates. Unfortunately most spokespeople for the organization prefer to make a spectacle out of opinion and love dragging certain games up on stage for a censorship dog and pony show.

It seems like no matter how many times they bring up the debate though, a few paricularly reviled titles get slammed by the NRA as prime examples of video games destroying society. To be fair, these are games that shouldn't be played by unsupervised children, but it's hard to discern whether blaming them specifically will solve anything. Regardless, if you get caught with any of these in your library, you can bet some NRA radicalists will hold you suspect just for owning them.