If there’s one thing Media Molecule knows how to do, it’s produce sickeningly cute content. Sackboy became a definitive character of the PlayStation 3 not because he was a cool in any way, but because he was so gosh-darned cute that you couldn’t help but fall in love with him. With their new game, Tearaway, the British developer aims to repeat that magic for the PlayStation Vita with their new heroes Iota and Atoi who live in a beautifully realized papercraft world.

Unlike LittleBigPlanet, the game doesn’t feature much in the way of customization and centers around a more linear narrative as opposed to a collection of quirky levels built to showcase game design elements that could be used in your own creations, but by no means have they lost any of their trademark sweetness in the process.

Cataloguing the various moments that made me want to adopt Iota right then and there wasn’t an easy task, but for your reading pleasure I’ve managed to pick 10 elements of the game that could kill a diabetic with its saccharine content. Get ready to feel all warm and cuddly inside, here are the reasons why Tearaway may just be the cutest thing you’ll play this year.