Sitcom characters: Marnie Michaels of Girls, Mindy Lahiri of The Mindy Project, Goldie Clemmons of The New Normal

First of all, let us clarify: nothing says that wifed-up women can't be adventurous. However, there is a certain freedom to roam that comes with being single. In one part, it has to do with not having to send location updates over text, and in another part, with an evolutionary desire to diversify the gene pool.

In a recent episode of Girls, Marnie runs off from her job to check out her favorite artist's house. A taken woman wouldn't do that—too high of a risk of cheating. Also, she probably wouldn't be invited anyway. Moreover, in The Mindy Project, Mindy willingly goes on a date that takes place in a horse carriage in Central Park. Doing the most cliche activity in New York City and allowing the odor of manure to creep into your hair? That's an adventure if we ever saw one. As for The New Normal, Goldie leaves for California and decides to become a surrogate mom/clothing designer only after she leaves her cheating husband/baby daddy.

Blond, brunette, fire engine—who cares? It's single women who have more fun. Remember, adventures aren't restricted to outdoor activities.