I met a man, 55 years old. He seemed like a decent person, gainfully employed, and was average in the looks department. On the first date we met for coffee. Second date he took me out to dinner. Third date he invited me to go for a Sunday drive to the Napa area. He picked me up in a camper-style vehicle. We stopped at a deli and picked up some lunch and took it with us.

As we headed up 101 North, he pulled the camper off into a rest area so we could have our deli lunch. He opened a bottle of wine and then informed me that he had decided it was time for us to have sex! I told him I wasn't ready for that and he proceeded to insult me, telling me that something was wrong with me. He then started arguing about it and informed me that he had discussed this with his 90-year-old mother and that she told him he should expect sex on the third date! I told him to take me home and didn't speak to him the rest of the trip.

It was a nightmare! I could hardly wait to get back to my apartment and away from him. He dropped me off at the front door -- his parting words were that I was emotionally immature. Anonymous