Directors: David Moreau and Xavier Palud
Country of origin: France

Following Alexandre Aja's exceptional 2003 gore flick High Tension, French horror cinema was all the rage, producing several gems (Inside, Martyrs) and introducing genre purists to a new wave of gifted directors. One of the country's best-reviewed offerings was Them (2007), a simple, visceral home invasion thriller helmed by David Moreau and Xavier Palud.

Sadly, they were unable to resist the big studio's flirtations. Even worse, they helped perpetuate Hollywood's maddening trend of pilfering from Japanese horror, post Gore Verbinski's The Ring remake. Moreau and Palud's Asian victim: 2002's The Eye (directed by the Pang brothers, who, coincidentally, you'll find elsewhere in this countdown).

A star vehicle for Jessica Alba, the '08 version of The Eye keeps the same plot—a woman's eye transplant gives her the ability to see ghosts—but loses all of the creepiness, freshness, and visual flair. Unlike Them, The Eye telegraphs all of its jump scares and resorts to wonky special effects whenever it's time to ratchet up some terror.

The duo's next project, 20 ans d'écart, is, per IMDb, a comedy. Fans of scary movies, rejoice!